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Coping with a Novel Virus Last Saturday Ken and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. We did our best to honor the occasion. Admittedly, our hearts are heavy with the uncertainties around us. As a society we are contending with a highly contag...


A Holiday Wish The holidays are right around the corner, and a new decade is about to begin! Ken and I decided to toast this eventful season with a big fat sale, so enjoy! In my visually challenged world, I am predictably reflective at this ...


Perfect Light Everyone confronting diminishing vision at some point turns to the hunt for perfect light. People identify perfect light in widely varying ways, however. What works for one person is often not the answer for someone else. When I...


Earlier this month, Ken and I took an anniversary retreat to an isolated peninsula on the Washington coast. We delighted in fresh razor clams and a, vast, windswept beach framed by forest and thundering seas. Bald eagles and an unusual species of coas...


The Good Eye Smack dab in the middle of my visual field, in the eye I absolutely depend on, a cataract has been growing for some years. I became aware that my vision was dimmer this year as winter low light set in. I finally addressed the cause,...


OrCam MyEye 2 The OrCam MyEye 2 has come in time to dazzle us for the holidays. It is truly a breakthrough in technology. The two generations of OrCam MyEye that came out in 2017 have smashed through a ceiling holding in possibilities for low...


I have not posted a blog for way too long. Too much actual living I guess! The backyard garden has made spring and summer fly, now with flowers as well as vegetables.  I finally got a new flock of chickens, a project that brought some angst, as o...


As the seasons turn, life continues to hold mysteries. Ken and I have renewed our website once again. This time the change makes the website mobile friendly, easy to peruse on tablets and phones. It also returns us to e-commerce! Change keeps us o...


It is already ANOTHER year!! Where does the time go? With winter in Vancouver in full swing, I am obsessed with my knitting! I am making socks and mitts and cowls, and also laboring for some weeks on a sweater. Tagarno, the Danish company...


No matter what motivates someone to try our devices, that motivation is like a master key to a new world where gains, not losses, rule the roost. This might sound like "chicken speak," but I sometimes think of the process of exploring and adopti...


I always say that clutter on a table is like wallpaper. You set something down on a table where lots of other objects are left, and the newest object blends into a jumbled pattern of forms such that what you just set down simply disappears! (See tips i...


It’s time for another installment of this occasional series about especially handy magnification aids to take with you. People still like the electronic Aukey , mentioned in the first blog about this topic. It still is the most affordable of por...


I get excited when I have an experience that is a metaphor life with low vision. Why the excitement? I’m not sure. Possibly new metaphors help communicate to myself and others about what low vision is like, with real examples. Thanks to the ne...


I remember when I was little that I loved being in the dirt. I suspect like most kids I probably tried to eat it, too. 2012 was the third year of my Washington vegetable garden, in the yard out behind our showroom. The garden has flourished fro...


AccessWorld has just published a review of the IBIS HD. John Rempel authored a thoughtful review, acknowledging IBIS HD on a national, assistive technology stage. Read the review here.   IBIS HD deserves this attention, as it is indeed a brea...


Here are my tips to get the hang of writing under a CCTV: Go into the Photo Mode of your CCTV Take magnification down to its lowest setting, at least to start Get a black-inked pen. A medium or fine point roller ball or felt tip pe...


Now that LCD monitors, for the TV, the computer and for the CCTV, come in all sizes, is bigger better when it comes to low vision? Not necessarily. It is good to have a choice. That’s for sure. Many professionals, who teach peopl...


My friends know I am pretty excited about the new IBIS HD. For years I have quietly yearned for a CCTV image that stays sharp at a small size. Obviously if you need magnification to see things, smaller, if still sharply defined, means you see a bigger...


IBIS HD is my new best friend for knitting. I have knitted my whole life. There is even a picture of me in my high school yearbook, knitting. Knitting with my mom was a big part of my early years. To savor this connection to my mom, I resumed knitting...


High Definition for low vision has arrived. The brilliance, the clarity, the rock solid stability of the image on the screen is breathtaking. In all my years of CCTV use, I have never experienced anything like the IBIS HD image on the screen. The...


"I want to tell you that it has meant so much to me to have your help over what is now 10 years. You have introduced me to wonderful low vision devices. Some people, when this happens to them, losing vision, they get depressed. I was lucky that while my husband was alive, he encouraged me to find my own way, using what vision tools I could get my hands on to do the many things I love to do. He naturally wanted to do things for me, but he held back, so I would try to do things for myself. This built my confidence. I can still do many, many things, on my computer, in my apartment, and out and about. I just showed my friends out in the hall a picture of my great-great grandchild just hours after the birth! How wonderful is that?"

Luci Green Salem, OR

"I am 89 years old and have had macular degeneration for 6 years. I upgraded my low vision machine to the IBIS HD. After several months of use I have come to really appreciate the portability of my IBIS and the ease of setup with my HD Monitor. I can lay a book down and turn pages while it is under the IBIS camera arm. Quart jars of home canned jams and syrups also fit under the camera for easy reading of lid labels. The High Definition image quality makes it so once again I can see the handwritten parts of a greeting card and read longhand. With the IBIS the small print on food labels and my prescription bottles is visible and I can make out the instructions for medication use. Overall, I am very pleased with my IBIS HD reader."

Louis Voss IBIS HD user

Patty, The IBIS HD is light years ahead of my old machine, in clarity and color. I appreciated your help in setting it up in my home and training me. I would be lost without it, as I use many times a day for reading, writing, knitting, and Spanish studyies. It is especially wonderful for my sock knitting. Last night I dropped 4 stitches and thought I was in trouble. But happily, I got them back up on the needles using IBIS HD. Plus, I just got a computer and the computer guy said I didn't need to buy a new monitor as my IBIS monitor was HD and the best there was. He showed me how to use my screen for both computer and reader. Now I can go back and forth depending on what I am doing. It saved space, money, and works great."

Pauline McNulty Gold Beach, OR

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