I remember when I was in my 40’s knowing that I was in “mid-life” when I needed those drugstore reading glasses. I call it the good old days. Costco had handy three-packs. How perfect, you could get three reading glasses for about the price of one! But then, they were never where they were supposed to be! It didn’t help to have three!

I promise you, I have just come through a cycle where I could not understand where all my hand-held 5x magnifiers were. I can read nothing without them. (Maybe I have three, after all, we have a store. I save everything, too, broken or not, so there might have been four.) All of a sudden, tonight, there was a magnifier everywhere in my field of view! They all reappeared, and I had done NOTHING! Actually, I did count four, not including the half of a magnifier out on my gardening shelf in the garage. That one only has the lens part.The other half, the handle where the batteries used to live, bit the dust long ago. Funny how that old beater never disappears, either.

So, this is just a chuckle of a post, to share a laugh I had with myself tonight. I do think we need to laugh, and sometimes laugh a lot. In truth, visually impaired people trying to be in tight control of their surroundings and outcomes may find it a worthwhile project to give in, let go a little. Try as hard as I might to have the device handy that allows me to read something- and I am usually on the move– I find it just plain impossible much of the time.

Every person is so different about these matters, but my advice is to forget precision as a goal, forget speed, and for sure wean yourself off of multi-tasking. That one is overrated. Give in to your extenuating circumstances; they are what they are. Concentrate instead on being kind to yourself. Above all, find the comedy of this life. Acknowledge all the good you do, as you are part of the joy. And when those magnifiers disappear, just relax. They will come back on their own time schedule!