Beginning this blog is highly personal. While Ken is engaged with it, the writing is my project. It feels natural to begin sharing my thoughts and experiences with a broader community. For years in our business I have conversed with individuals on a multitude of topics about managing this life with impaired vision. These conversations have been rich, and I have Patty White learned a great deal. Now, in the waning years of my middle-age, I have a platform to reflect on what it means to live with low vision. Welcome to my first blog! Please visit often, and please comment.

What you will find in my blog will be posts both practical and intimate, posts from an inquisitive medical consumer as well as a stubborn soul determined to make the most of life. Losing vision is indeed life altering, for you and everyone around you. But it is not the end of the world. Far from it. You find your own way of getting on top of things, at least some of the time, and you dig around and discover your courage. More likely than not, you will learn things you would otherwise have never learned, and meet precious gems of people who will make you laugh and make you know you are strong.

This will be fun, and hopefully meaningful, for those who travel this low vision road, for others who want to understand it, and particularly for those who already help or seek to help someone else. So I am glad you have found Our Blog;. Visit often. I will do my best as these posts get up to organize and archive them so they can be shared easily and widely in whatever way is their destiny. It is my hope that at any point you come upon these writings, you will find something useful.