I have found it interesting to explore with different people I meet the point when they decide to look into electronic reading machines. Because of our store, people usually meet us before or when they are making this decision.

Some people, for a variety of reasons, wait way too long to be introduced to what is called a CCTV, or electronic reader. These devices are a salvation for stressed eyes. Ask anyone who has gotten the help to buy and be shown how to use a good one. Electronic magnifiers become indispensable for daily life. I like to call my CCTV my right arm. I write with it, read with it, groom my hands under it, and most importantly, I play under it. These machines have been around for ore than fifty years.

The CCTV is far easier to use and enjoy when the need for large amounts of magnification is less. Once a person is comfortable using this tool, the process to enlarge size is quick and painless. There is no more worry or struggle. In fact, you feel comfort because you can see the smallest detail.

My own story is that the point of decision was instant. My first reading machine helped me keep my job. So did my first screen magnification software purchase. I had to find a better way to read and stay on the computer or I was sunk.

I can reflect back that I delayed grieving about what was happening to me because I was so focused on continuing my beloved work. So the good part for me was I learned a lot in a short time. I found not one but many ways to see things better. I wanted it all. And Ken, always the lemons to lemonade guy, founded a business. He joked at the time that he was starting the business in self-defense.

If you are struggling, if you can read but not for very long, if you miss your crosswords, or if you find that you carry worry in your belly about tomorrow, it is time to meet the world of low vision technology.