A Blue Moon welcomed a new decade last night, and no peek could be had from the rainy northwest. I did manage to reflect on the wild ride of the last decade. So many large scale world events marked the decade. On the personal side, the scale for me was no smaller. I made a list. It started with “lost vision, gained vision,…” and continued with such gems as “got breast cancer” and “changed states twice” and “moved three times.”

If there is one thing I know for certain, after an event-filled super decade like the one that just ended, it is that the lesson of nurturing flexibility of mind and heart has been for me nothing short of a survival tool. I was never prepared to lose vision in middle life. Neither was I prepared after seven years to gain enough vision back to obtain a drivers license in the same month that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have often joked that January, 2005, was a month of confusing emotions. I continue every day to feel grateful for all of this life because it is simply amazing what comes around the bend. Happy New Year. May you nurture your own flexibility and open heart as the days and months and years unfold.