IBIS HD is my new best friend for knitting. I have knitted my whole life. There is even a picture of me in my high school yearbook, knitting. Knitting with my mom was a big part of my early years. To savor this connection to my mom, I resumed knitting with her a few years ago after a 20 year hiatus. Mom had her issues with knitting again, but I had big vision challenges and kept my sites quite low– lots of scarves and dish cloths.

Early in our testing of IBIS HD last year, I got excited by the stunning clarity of the High Definition IBIS image of yarn, of the knitted fabric, and especially of the live motion of knitting under the camera. IBIS HD rekindled my knitting ambitions. I am now on my second sweater since the IBIS HD arrived at our shop. I recently took my sweater project to the yarn shop, along with IBIS HD and a monitor. I set everything up easily on a table and got help from the staff on shoulder seams and picking up neck stitches.

With a knitting project under the camera, the depth of field of the High Definition IBIS image gives clarity to every part of the project, even a bulky one on knitting needles. You can zoom quickly to the smallest detail with not a hint of motion blur. You zoom back out to keep awareness of the bigger field of view. The free-standing camera is 9″ from the work table. There is open space on the table to work unencumbered. Plus, the camera will hold focus up to an inch from the camera lens! With all the tiny loops of my knitting stitches needing to be observed and accounted for, I was thrilled that I could see so clearly and zoom so quickly while I worked.

Now I holler, “Bravo IBIS” because I am a happy knitter once again!