High Definition for low vision has arrived. The brilliance, the clarity, the rock solid stability of the image on the screen is breathtaking. In all my years of CCTV use, I have never experienced anything like the IBIS HD image on the screen.

The image could be of your newspaper, your hand holding a pen as you write, your hands working with your knitting yarn as you figure out exactly which loop to pick up, or your tools in just the right spot to complete a task. The screen projects the image, sharp and steady, down to 2x magnification. This is a first.

The elegant and remarkable IBIS HD is aptly named by its Danish manufacturer, the highly regarded company, Tagarno. The camera is a feather weight (3.3 lbs.), but it stands strong when in use. Nothing wobbles. IBIS HD also collapses with simple grace to the size of a small umbrella so you can take it with you in its padded carry bag. All it needs is a High Definition television or High Definition PC computer monitor of any size.

In our testing, my job was to put IBIS HD through its paces with every complicated, annoying project I could think of. The clever bird passed with flying colors.