Access World has just published a review of the IBIS HD. John Rempel authored a thoughtful review, acknowledging IBIS HD on a national, assistive technology stage. Read the review here.  IBIS HD deserves this attention, as it is indeed a breakthrough achievement in low vision technology. We ourselves worked hard to import IBIS HD into the United States.

Ken and I were given the opportunity to comment on John’s observations and have our comments published with the article. This has been stimulating for Ken and me. Our internal dialogue has focused my thoughts around the value, one in which I strongly believe, of exercising to the fullest my remaining vision, every chance I have.

John Rempel expresses his belief in this value, too, as he begins comments on the placement of the IBIS HD control wheel behind rather than in front of the camera head. Without reiterating comments which you can read in the above link, I have reflected again on my own priorities and values in being able to use my eyes. I have asked myself the question, “Does it matter that a control wheel placement removes the option of using my vision to find the controls if the end result is an improved result, quicker satisfaction, faster work time?

Ultimately, such matters are personal. For me, I prefer to feel rather than look at the IBIS HD control wheel so I can keep my eyes on the changes I am producing on the screen.

Those of us who live this low vision life have learning curves around every bend. If we are being kind to ourselves as we meet each challenge, with our beliefs in tow, we should in my view always ask ourselves if our beliefs are serving us well. I personally love the occasional surprise.