It’s time for another installment of this occasional series about especially handy magnification aids to take with you. People still like the electronic Aukey, mentioned in the first blog about this topic. It still is the most affordable of portable electronic magnification tools.

The Low Vision Store has started carrying the Snow, which I like a lot. It is slim and light-weight has a clear, sharp image, a slightly larger screen size, and, like Aukey, it is easy to operate. It costs a little more, but for some people the larger screen size is worth the added expense.

If what you would like is a portable device with an even larger screen size, we’re getting great feedback on the new HD product with a 7” screen called i-loview7. It is surprisingly light. Early customers love it (hence the catchy name) for work, seeing documents at meetings, for travel and for reading in an easy chair or in bed. It views distance and offers photo sharing capabilities on its super high resolution screen. Family and friends can send their pictures to you on a thumb drive. You can take and store your own pictures, too. We commend the designer on careful attention to design elegance in what we feel is a unique and promising new product. This product may soon be discovered by students!