It is already ANOTHER year!! Where does the time go?

With winter in Vancouver in full swing, I am obsessed with my knitting! I am making socks and mitts and cowls, and also laboring for some weeks on a sweater.

Tagarno, the Danish company that makes my electronic magnifier and gives me the gift of detail vision, kicked my knitting up a big notch by bringing out a fully high definition IBIS in 2015. Called the IBIS FHD (for Full High Definition), this 2nd generation IBIS is even sharper than the first one. It lets me see and work with every piece of fiber and isolate every loop and stitch, at any size I want. The first thing I laid eyes on when Ken set it up, with a high definition 27” monitor, was a partially dropped stitch on a pair of socks. Yikes, a future hole! I grabbed a crochet hook and quickly pulled that stitch row back several bars to collect the errant stitch! It felt like a miracle.

As the garden is out there with only leeks and parsley asking for my attention, I am seaming shoulders now and hoping soon to finish this sweater, made with….Danish yarn!

Happy 2016!