As the seasons turn, life continues to hold mysteries. Ken and I have renewed our website once again. This time the change makes the website mobile friendly, easy to peruse on tablets and phones. It also returns us to e-commerce! Change keeps us on our toes, I guess, and after nearly twenty years in business, we seem to thrive with the new.

So now people can meet us and shop from their phones and tablets.  Funny, we used to do e-commerce, but we stopped because it seemed people called us anyway.  And we love talking with people who are trying to figure out what to do.

I continue to feel in my bones the hope that surrounds what we do.  So many of the people who find us have within them the courage that I mustered to keep myself afloat nearly 20 year ago.  When vision challenges happen, you are never prepared.  in the rumble of change, however, everyone finds their own way to move forward.  I believe it helps to get a few ideas from those who have been there.

I am equally convinced that information is power and that tools in whatever form are the ticket to achieving your goals.  The greatest news of all is that the tools get better with each passing season.  Just call us!  Or if you prefer, email us from your phone or tablet!