I have not posted a blog for way too long. Too much actual living I guess!

The backyard garden has made spring and summer fly, now with flowers as well as vegetables.  I finally got a new flock of chickens, a project that brought some angst, as one of them spent a full ten nights sleeping in a tree outside of the yard until Ken caught her with a fishing net and an artful, fake move. Finally, though, the three sweet young hens have become a tight unit, keeping us in eggs and their typical, chicken comedy.

My knitting and audible book reading continue to be fulfilling pleasures. Improved vision- enabling devices help me be engaged and keep Ken inspired and meeting customers from all over. I usually don’t promote products on my blog, but occasionally I must call attention to something that is downright transformative.

Click here to locate the videos on our website about the OrCam My Eye. You will understand what I mean. OrCam is a breakthrough invention coming out of Israel where a large team of engineers are working on a whole new way for both visually impaired and blind people to experience and participate in our visual world. One of the coolest things about OrCam is how discreet it is. No one in the cafe is aware how a voice is reading you the menu up on the wall, or in your hand, or reading what is on a sign when you gesture to it.  Check this out. Even better, call and ask us to tell you more.