OrCam MyEye 2

The OrCam MyEye 2 has come in time to dazzle us for the holidays.

It is truly a breakthrough in technology. The two generations of OrCam MyEye that came out in 2017 have smashed through a ceiling holding in possibilities for low vision and blind people to engage fully in our world. Spend some time on our site to see what I mean. I laugh because I still have a lighted, 5x magnifier in my pocket, used for twenty years! I still have a CCTV for my paperwork and filling out forms and, importantly, for knitting!!!

So OrCam MyEye 2 arrived here yesterday. It is a marvel. With no cable or controller or any wire at all, it clips onto your eyewear, captures text and speaks to you, and it even instructs you how to use it!

Consider one example. As you teach it to recognize faces of your friends, it prompts you to tell your friend to turn their face slowly to the left, to the right, so that MyEye 2 will recognize them even if they are not facing you! When satisfied, the device tells you to speak their name. Next time they appear near you, you get discreetly tipped off, via a tiny microphone only you can hear, that they are near!

Ken and I celebrate a most amazing, new world as the 2017 holidays unfold. Indeed, we are deeply grateful to have been on this 20-year journey of vision technology and now to be a part of such wonder.