Perfect Light

Everyone confronting diminishing vision at some point turns to the hunt for perfect light. People identify perfect light in widely varying ways, however. What works for one person is often not the answer for someone else.

When I began experiencing my vision loss, it seemed I needed ever more bright light, everywhere. I kept elevating the wattage of bulbs in my house. My brother came to house-sit one spring. When we returned from our trip, our house was filled with candles. Michael found all our high brightness lamps very uncomfortable. There was no way to relax; our home lacked any soothing light.

In the early years of our business, Ken looked hard for a solution and found a line of lamps that were designed in the American South for seniors with problems with glare. They were called Doctor’s Choice Lamps. They shined light downward. It was soft, yet bright right below it. We sold those for many years, though we never considered them task lights. We sent people to craft stores for task lights. Now, however, we have the perfect solution for the low vision lighting dilemma, and we are joyfully back to carrying lamps!

The lamp is called the Stella Two. It is from a company here in the Pacific Northwest. Both their stand and desk models give you perfect light, as you define it, just where you need it. With unique, highly advanced engineering, Stella Two allows instant adjustments in light color (warm white, cool white, or natural white) and a 10-step control over dimming. Incorporating a magnetic remote on the floor lamp and a tactile wheel on the desk lamp, you select the correct spectrum and intensity of light for each task or for different lighting conditions such as day or night. Plus, a telescopic arm (on the floor lamp) and smooth flexing neck and weighted base (on both floor and table lamps) let you swivel the light in just about every direction, so it is just where you need it. Stella Two is also beautiful to look at and durably crafted. Everyone who sees these wants at least one!

With my ever more complicated knitting projects, and everything else I do from my favorite chair, I am grateful for this unexpected, elegant invention to maximize what I can see, perfectly!