A Holiday Wish

The holidays are right around the corner, and a new decade is about to begin! Ken and I decided to toast this eventful season with a big fat sale, so enjoy!

In my visually challenged world, I am predictably reflective at this time of year. So many memories flood in of family and friends no longer here and of days and capabilities long past. Grounded by memories, however, I can honestly say that life today brings enough surprises to remain quite interesting and full. If my heart remains open and my spirits stay positive to changes that are indeed inevitable, I feel I can take each day as it comes and make it a good one. There are so many pleasure possibilities if we look around us: new friends to be made, new interests to cultivate, new foods to try, new pets to love. As I reflect on this past year, such occurrences have brought meaning to my days.

Through a new and engaging friendship that means the world to me, I have added the fiber art of wet felting to my passion for making wearable garments. I think about felting all the time, in fact! Nuno Felting requires a minimum of sharp vision, a love of color and form, and a nutsy, physical process using unspun wool, silk, soapy water and lots of rolling and banging around.

Sometimes small pleasures bring the very best. My holiday wish for you is that you will find your new pleasures. Please call me, particularly if you feel your vision is hanging you up. I bet I can help as you work to adapt and regain your joy.