Last Saturday Ken and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. We did our best to honor the occasion. Admittedly, our hearts are heavy with the uncertainties around us. As a society we are contending with a highly contagious, novel virus and a global pandemic. Here in Washington State, we are more than a month into our lockdown. We are concerned for everyone on the front lines of this effort to stay safe.

We were offered an opportunity to acquire surgical masks by one of the Chinese companies that we’ve known personally for over 15 years. The president of this company has been in our home. They expressed genuine concern for us and the shortages they hear we face. After much thinking and several phone calls, we went ahead and placed an order. Visually impaired people often need help closer in. Everyone needs to work to stay safe. We are thinking of caregivers, too. So we are offering surgical masks in packets of 20 on our website, priced at what we paid for them. You will find the link here.