Another year closes. The holidays are upon us. What a year it has been for just about everyone we know.

Since its earliest days in the 1990’s, operating from an initial home base in Boise, Idaho, The Low Vision Store worked with people who were physically far from us. Consequently, working remotely has served us well during the Covid-19 era. The Vancouver, Washington Showroom is open by appointment again, so people in our region are coming in for help. Ken is as engaged as ever finding new products all the time.

I have been spending most of my time as an artist again. I built a fiber studio in an old garage behind our home when it became clear that I was in love with a new art form, the fiber art of wet felt making. I have been felting now for more than four years. From my earliest experience, I felt liberated from needing detail vision, which I don’t have. I work by touch in this most tactile of art forms. Because of all the color possibilities, I do need good light. My new best friends are my Stella lamps. I still use magnifiers and my CCTV at various steps. Since I am dying my own silks and wools that I laminate with soap, water, and agitation into fabric and forms, all those tools are essential, just not every bit of the time!

My advice to people living with low vision remains the same as always. Never give up, adapt what interests you to something you might not have thought of before. This mantra asks that you stay flexible inside yourself, remain curious, and listen above all to your heart. Then let us help you find just the right tools to pursue something new. Tools, and your openness to exploration, are the ticket!