Electronic video magnifiers, also called CCTVs, are the most universally useful of all tools for someone who struggles with detail vision. These tools make reading, writing, paperwork, and small object identification a snap, and a wise investment. They are not complicated to learn, either. We feature both desktop and portable electronic magnifiers, the desktop being the least fussy to use. Electronic video magnifiers most definitely have both quality and feature differences among brands. We have tried all the products from all the manufacturers. We have chosen products to feature in our store for their quality, reliability and value. Always shop wisely and with good information. We will help you, knowing that your needs are unique to you.

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Vario Digital FHD

The Vario Digital FHD is a foldable desktop video magnifier with outstanding image quality and compact design. It features a 15.6 inch; full HD monitor with optical zoom from 1.3x - 45x magnification and an FHD camera that provides a true color image with a large field of view.

Mezzo Focus 24

The 24 inch class of the Mezzo Focus line offers a 1920x1080 pixel resolution and weighs approximately 23.1 lbs.

Mezzo Focus 20

The 20 inch class of the Mezzo Focus line offers a 1600x900 pixel resolution and weighs approximately 13.7 lbs.