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SMARTmag 3X Non-Illuminated Magnifier

SMARTmag by Mattingly 3X (8D) Hand-Held Non-Illuminated Magnifier 100X75mm Aspheric Lens.

SMARTmag 4X Non-Illuminated Magnifier

SMARTmag by Mattingly 4X (12D) Hand-Held Non-Illuminated Magnifier 70mm Aspheric Lens

SMARTmag 5X Non-Illuminated Magnifier


SMARTmag by Mattingly 5X (16D) Hand-Held Non-Illuminated Magnifier 55mm Aspheric Lens

SMARTmag 6X Non-Illuminated Magnifier

SMARTmag by Mattingly 6X (20D) Hand-Held Non-Illuminated Magnifier 50mm Aspheric Lens

SMARTmag 7X Non-Illuminated Magnifier

SMARTmag by Mattingly 7X (23D) Hand-Held Non-Illuminated Magnifier 45mm Aspheric Lens

TV Glasses

TV glasses provide a lightweight solution for greater television clarity. They are binocular lenses with a comfortable fit and an easy way to focus each eye to get optimal focus at the precise distance you sit from your TV screen. We find that these lenses work most effectively at distance of 6 - 9 feet from the TV screen. Remember that getting a newer TV helps you get that high-definition clarity you are looking for, but getting a super large TV is not always the answer, because sitting closer offers part of the solution. TV glasses solve the issue for many people. Please call with questions about your visual capabilities and TV glasses.

Luna S

The New Luna S is an upgraded Snow 4 and is terrific.  This is an easy to use and useful device. The rest of this description refers to the Snow 4 but is also good for the Luna S. Read product labels, medicine bottles and restaurant menus with ease! The Snow Portable Video Magnifier offers a high quality image and up to 16x magnification in a compact, portable and stylish design. It features a 4.3" color screen with 10 high contrast viewing modes and smooth magnification adjustment. Press Freeze Frame button to capture the image for comfortable viewing and you can even zoom in/out or change the viewing mode of the still image. Connect it to your television to view the text on the TV screen. Use it as a writing stand - it's great for writing notes and letters or signing your name.

Clover 4

The Clover 4 Handheld Video Magnifier has a 4.3-inch widescreen LCD display with a built-in, folding writing stand for those with low vision. Clover 4 allows you to put the magnifier on or close to the object for continuous zoom or freeze the image for further viewing.

Clover 3

CLOVER 3 has a very compact size and light weight to put into the pocket and carry everywhere. It has minimum buttons and very easy to use with impressive image quality as it is flat on table.

Snow 12

Zoomax Snow 12 is a portable video magnifier that delivers true visual independence for people with low vision. There is an accessory foldable stand that elevates Snow 12 so that you can more easily read, write, look at objects or even perform full-page scanning using the powerful OCR and text-to-speech. With standard features like a 12-inch full-HD touch screen display, magnification up to 19x, and a simple accessible interface, Snow 12 is perfect for all situations.

Vario Digital FHD

The Vario Digital FHD is a foldable desktop video magnifier with outstanding image quality and compact design. It features a 15.6 inch; full HD monitor with optical zoom from 1.3x - 45x magnification and an FHD camera that provides a true color image with a large field of view.

Mezzo Focus 24

The 24 inch class of the Mezzo Focus line offers a 1920x1080 pixel resolution and weighs approximately 23.1 lbs.