Patty demonstrating a product to a client at The Low Vision Store showroom.


Ken Twergo and Patty White are considered veterans in sales and distribution of low vision aids. They are independent, well known nationally and have worked with most major manufacturers over many years. They know from their life experience that, with vision loss, nothing is the same as before. However, they also believe, from Patty and from thousands of customers for nearly 20 years, that a fulfilling world awaits those who step forward to use the tools. Ken and Patty embrace the core belief that their job is to be there to help individuals be successful.

Central to their work is to train individuals to use devices. The technology is expanding and improving all the time. The couple provides honest, unbiased, and current information to guide choices and decisions that further an individual’s goals. They believe in the uniqueness of each individual who sets out to meet and use low vision aids. Everyone travels this path to vision independence in their own time and way. Patty and Ken provide the information and training to ensure success.